Owner's Logic

Owner's Logic was founded by Kevin Chiao and Henry Yang, both business owners in the Bay Area who have built multiple homes for themselves.

In 2017, Kevin was building his first home when he met Henry through his younger brother Alvin, who worked for Henry's consulting company. Henry worked with Kevin to successfully design, build, and eventually sell Kevin's first ground-up project. Henry provided guidance on aspects of home-building that cannot be found on Google—the questions with hard-to-find answers that can only be learned through experience.

Henry himself has built estate homes in Atherton, Los Altos Hills, and Saratoga, as well as multi-family units in Sunnyvale and Mountain View. Initially, Henry hired general contractors, but he was burned in the past when these contractors failed to pay sub-contractors on his jobs, despite Henry having paid the contractor in full. After dealing with lawsuits and headaches, Henry decided to start building on his own.

After seeing Kevin's successful projects, many of Kevin's real estate clients turned to him after purchasing a home with the intent to develop it. Leaning on Henry's expertise and Kevin's knowledge of real estate value, Owner's Logic was formed to provide a clear, transparent, and cost-effective solution to the construction process.

To build with Owner’s Logic.