Frequently Asked

Residential construction management is the process of overseeing the planning, coordination, and execution of a residential construction project. This includes everything from finding qualified sub-contractors to ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  • Peace of mind: A construction manager can take the stress out of the construction process by handling all of the details.
  • Transparent pricing: Fees paid to a construction manager are a flat fee based on project size. There is no markup on any of the building trades or materials. Payments are made directly to vendors, so management costs do not change if there are any changes to the project.
  • More flexibility: Construction managers are paid in installments throughout the duration of the project. If at any point you are dissatisfied with the progress, you can cancel the contract since the final payment is not made until the building permit is finalized.
  • Expertise: A construction manager has the experience and knowledge to ensure that sub-contractors build your project using the highest standards.
  • Time savings: A construction manager saves time by coordinating all of the different aspects of the project and making sure city inspections are performed in a timely manner.
  • Cost savings: A construction manager can negotiate pricing with their network of subcontractors. Subcontractor bids may vary depending on their job schedule. By having multiple subcontractors, a construction manager can leverage pre-existing relationships and work schedules to build at the best cost.

We offer two types of residential construction management services:

  • Design build services: We connect you with an architect and all the professionals needed to obtain building permits for your project. With this service, you will have a permitted set of plans required to begin construction. This saves an average of 4 months of permitting time in most cases. The final set of plans is yours to keep, whether you choose to build with us or hire a different contractor.
  • Construction management: We can help manage your project based on the design and blueprints you bring to us. Our fees are set up front and paid in installments throughout the estimated construction time. All payments for subcontractors and materials are made directly to the vendors, so there is never any markup, and all pricing is transparent – even with change orders.
  1. Maximize value: Analyze the project and land to optimize home value and provide a candid opinion on what makes the most sense for the client’s goals.
  2. Design review: Provide an analysis of modifications to optimize cost, turnaround time, and functionality. If plans do not exist, we can provide an all-in-one Design Review Service that includes architects, engineers, and all necessary consultants.
  3. Pricing and timing: Provide a cost estimate based on prevailing rates, timeframes, and negotiated subcontractor estimates. All payments to subcontractors are paid directly to them. Clients also benefit from developer pricing from both online and local vendors.
  4. Construction progress updates: We provide weekly construction project updates through a specialized web portal that tracks construction costs, work completed, and upcoming work.
  5. Delivery of your home: Barring any significant changes, our estimates are typically accurate to within 2 months of project completion. Fees are paid on a per-month basis, calculated using the estimated project length.
  6. Peace of mind: Peace of mind starts with a commitment to quality home construction and using subcontractors that we have worked with for years. If there are any issues with a home, Owner’s Logic ensures that the sub-contractors make things right.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you with your home renovation or build, including:

  • Home value optimization and advice
  • Plan analysis and optimization
  • Fixed management fee and competitive subcontractor estimates
  • Weekly project updates through a web portal
  • Accurate timing estimates
  • Peace of mind through our commitment to quality home construction and use of reliable subcontractors
No problem! We can provide a Design Review Service to create them for you. You are free to take these plans to any general contractor for pricing.
We have a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budget. We also provide weekly project updates through a web portal that tracks costs, progress, and upcoming work. This way, you’ll always know the status of your project and can be confident that it’s on track.
We have long standing relationships with all of our subs who are licensed in their respective trades and make sure that any problems are fixed promptly. If you reach out to us with any isses we dispatch the subs to quickly diagnose and repair the work if necessary.
Our fees are based on the estimated project length and scope of work. We offer a fixed management fee, which means that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay upfront. We also provide competitive subcontractor estimates, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible price for your project.

I hope this FAQ section has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.